Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ABS Carnival Day! Anticipation

This month finds the ABS Carnival Bloggers thinking about "Anticipation." Since spring is in the air, I find the color yellow is a symbol for the smiles and happiness of summer - it ignites the summer season much like it ignites the Miro like design of "Flame" (below).

For other Carnival bloggers, a Carly Simon song was brought to mind....

Holly, Patty, and Chris anticipate the moment when they open up the kiln to look at their most recent art bead creation.

Other bloggers are anticipating their designs....

Kate of Organic Odesseys uses a line from Carly Simon's Anticipation as a spring board for showing us how she approaches creating a piece of jewelry.

Michelle Mach wonders about a design for a swap and gives us a peek at her design and the work in progress.

Cindy Dolezal sometimes follows her muse and makes whatever the clay tells her it wants to be and sometimes she anticipates a design. Looks like Cindy's anticipation over her primary colored beads show below was right on track.

Jen Judd is excitedly looking forward to new things and making opportunities. This month, Jen made her first set of flamework glass beads shown below:

To Mary Harding, anticipation is more of an idea than a word we use daily. Kelly of Silver Parrot tells a story of a lifetime of anticipation. Anticipation seems to be imbued in the hot colors of the Sunfire bracelet (shown below) which anticipate the upcoming summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

Nicki shares how planning helps her to anticipate what will happen next - it works for her since she was able to anticipate creating some new enameled pieces (below):

I'll end this month's ABS Carnival blog with a thoughtful post from Marcie who shares her insight into what anticipation means for her and makes a profound observation for all of us:

And so I wait, with joy and anticipation...I do not know what the next year will bring...I am positive that when the waiting is over, I will step into that part of my life having learned a lesson that could only have been learned in the anticipation.


Alice said...

Beautiful post, and so timely for our current season! Thanks for sharing all the thoughtful centiments and yummy photos!

nannie said...


hi. i love them,and your work. i already know what i would do with them,use this as the focal bead and make my daughter and granddaughter matching bracelets.i will be looking at your site more often. thanks for sharing.