Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Creative Risks - Color

Feeling a little stuck with the winter blah's lately? My advice - do something completely out of your norm. I was feeling like all of my designs were the same three colors, so when I spotted this strand of jade colored glass beads the idea of pairing them with red jumped right at me. Completely not me, but they have energized me to take some other creative color leaps.

Why does this necklace work?

1. They are complimentary colors on the color wheel. (Always a fun place to start for striking color combinations!)
2. We've seen this color combination before, think carved jade pendants with red silk tassels.
3. The asymmetrical design works because I've balanced the bold red Poppy bead with an equal amount of faceted red glass.

So take a chance on color this week, go for something unexpected. You never know what it might inspire. And if it's a color flop, well they are just beads and easy to restring. Being creative is simply a matter of taking risks!

This project will be included in my next newsletter. For complete supply list, sources and step-by-step directions be sure to sign up for the newsletter.


Lorelei Eurto said...

I love this necklace Heather! The colors are perfect together!! Now you've got me thinking. This would be a nice addition to my own jewelry collection. I have this red poppy bead you sent me. Did you get these lovely green beads at Michael's? I think I've something similar there!
Love that clasp too! Can we have details on this too?

Anonymous said...

Heather, this is such a pretty and striking necklace! Very inspiring, because I too can get stuck in a color scheme!

Heather Powers said...

Lorelei - I have this planned as a free project for my newsletter that is going out tomorrow.

Thanks Cindy, I think we all get stuck on our favorite colors and what feels safe!

Anonymous said...

Yummy colors and a nice addition to a winter-weary wardrobe. I totally agree with you about creativity-- no risk, no gain!