Friday, January 9, 2009

The Trendy Bead - Color Reports

(Photo credit: givepeasachance)
I don't know about you, but I'm craving some serious color this winter! I want oranges, pinks, purple, lush greens - the brighter, the better. I'm loving these photos from Indian markets of fabric and pigments. Pair your bright color beads with neutrals in wood, metal, smokey quartz, and labadorite - think grey and browns accented by a pop of color. THE color for spring? Purple is still reigning but in the softer shades of lavender for this season.
Here are some current resources for color trends for Spring/Summer 2009:
Spring/Summer 2009 Forecast from Fire Mountain Gems.

(Photo credit: mynameisharsha)

Various color trend reports from Fashion Trendsetter for this season and beyond.

Download Pantone's Fashion Color Report of Spring 2009. Read about what is inspiring today's top designers.


Rosanne said...

Those are the exact colors I was seeing in that movie I was trying to tell you about. I've always been drawn to lots of bright a moth to a flame!

Bea said...

I think it's part of winter. All those colors just look summery and DELICIOUS!

Thanks for posting the color forecast. It's always helped me pick beads for matching to next season's wardrobe.

Anonymous said...
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