Thursday, January 14, 2016

Easy Heart Charm Bracelet by Michelle McCarthy

Here's a new twist on a bracelet clasp....a heart charm!  I have made this fun and easy waxed linen bracelet with buttons, 12mm round beads and toggles, but never a charm.  I think it's a cute option from the others.  I love the way it dangles down instead of lining up with the gemstone beads.  Here's what you need to make your own version:

You need 30" of 3 ply waxed linen, 8" of 1mm leather, a closed metal ring, gemstone strand and a heart charm.  I handmade my heart charm out of ceramic clay, but choose colors and shapes that you love!

Here's the finished design:

Start your overhand knotting at the closed metal ring by folding the waxed linen in half and pushing the knot tight up to the ring.  You can put both strands through the gemstone bead or 1 strand and leave 1 strand behind the bead.  Make another overhand knot and push it tight up to the bead.  Continue this pattern for 6 1/2" and then attach the charm by making another knot through the wire loop.  I made 4 extra knots before I attached the charm so the charm would not be too tight up against the last gemstone.  Fold the leather piece in half and attach it to the closed metal ring with another overhand knot.  Measure how big you need the leather loop to be so the charm freely can pass through it.  Close the leather loop with another overhand knot.  I used GS Hypo Cement glue to secure the leather knots.

Have fun making a charm clasp bracelet of your own!

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