Friday, August 10, 2007

Art Bead Scene - 5 Months Old!

Why 5 months old struck me as important I really don't know, but it does. Maybe because around our house August is the end of summer and beginning of fall - all based on a traditional school calender. What ever the reason, I feel a transition coming on have this need to celebrate these first 5 months with a reminder of one of the great features of blogs.

Along the left hand side of our blog page there is a long list of "labels". Almost all blogs have this and they let you search for posts on the same theme or keyword. As you are moving into the next season (which remember will include the Holidays and all the sales that accompany them) take a look at these key ideas:

As you get ready for holiday sales, scan through The Bead Biz for smart business advice.

Click on Beading Ideas for inspiration for great design ideas.

Findings Worth Finding will spike your imagination and ordering additional supplies now will prevent that rushed feeling later.

As the Bead Turns
will give direct you to great posts from other exciting beading blogs.

Want to help your merchandise stand out in a crowd? Check in on Alternate uses for Art Beads.

It is always a good idea to seek out more knowledge with Education and the Bead Scoop.

As we move into the next season, are there any subject areas you'd like us to cover?

- Elaine


Melissa J. Lee said...

Congratulations! I visit Art Bead Scene every day. I like all of your articles, but I'd especially love to see more "Bead Biz" articles in the future.

Best to you all!

Elaine Ray said...

Thanks for the feed back, we will keep that in mind.

- Elaine