Thursday, August 9, 2007

Use Beads as Art: Beaded Art Dolls

Art beads are limited only by our imaginations - they can be used in a variety of creative ways. One of those is in Beaded Art Dolls.

This mermaid art doll by Sarah Brueck Stallings features a ceramic face by Earthenwood Studio and many hours of beading and felting

Cabachons can be used as heads, bodies or as part of the structure of the doll like in this example from Rebekah Hodous.

Lidjia Fairbanks makes wonderful seed embroidered art dolls. She uses her own handcrafted ceramic faces as a focal point to bead upon to create her dolls.

This beaded mermaid doll with a polymer clay face was one of the entries by KoiGirl for our Mermaid challenge last month.

This piece may not exactly be an art doll, but it is a beaded journal page made with a ceramic face cabachon (by Earthenwood Studio) beaded by the talented Rosanne Garvison

Let your imagination go and create something different with art beads!

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