Monday, August 20, 2007

Creativity Boosters

Feeling a little blah lately? Need a quick shot of creativity?
Here are 5 tips to get your muse out of bed and back to the work bench!
1. Repeat history - find a painting that you love and use it as the color inspiration for your next piece of jewelry.

Beads and bracelet inspired by Monet's water lily paintings by Heather Powers.

2. New tricks - challenge yourself to learn something new today. Wire-wrap a pendant if you haven't before. Never worked with seed beads? Add fringe to an art bead pendant for some extra punch. Create a chain bracelet to showcase your latest art bead treasures. What technique have you been longing to try, but haven't made the time to learn?

Bracelet from CND Jewelry Tales.

3. Know your limits - try limiting yourself to using only one color, one material or pick a few random beads that you must use together. By limiting your choices, you can open up new design possibilities.

4. Have camera, will bead - go outside today with your camera, take 10 photos of things that catch your eye. Print them out, cut them up and glue them into a notebook. Use the colors and designs to inspire your next color combination.

5. Take up the challenge - whether it's our Art Bead Scene monthly challenge or another like Inspire Me Thrusday, use the call of a challenge to stretch yourself into uncharted beading territory.

Necklace by Norma Dalton of Off Center Productions.

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Jennifer Perkins said...

These are great tips thanks for sharing!