Monday, August 6, 2007

Exploration Collaboration

Cindy Gimbrone, Melanie Brooks Lukacs, and Jean Yates recently got together for a mighty Bead Exploration Collaboration - and what a feast for the eyes they produced!

Here is the gist of the story: Very talented bead makers Cindy and Melanie team up with super beader Jean. Melanie and Cindy produce 3 sets of matching beads, one set for each of the three participants. These three go home and in the privacy of their own studios, use their own findings to nourish the creation that grows from their stash. No peeking, no sharing and no questions asked between them. Then TA DA!!!

Jean Yates

Melanie Brooks Lukacs

Look at what they came up with! Feast you eyes on these then- click on each picture to read the artist's own story.

Any one else out there with a Collaboration to share?

- Elaine


Rosanne said...

What a unique look each one has.
You are all very talented artists for sure. This is one of my "Read everyday blogs".


Anonymous said...

Wow, I totally forgot about this site. Soooooooo glad I looked further down on my favorites list.
Wonderful idea with the collaborations - 3 great pieces!