Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Green Girl Dream: August's ABS Challenge Prize

Win over $100 in beads in the Art Bead Scene monthly challenge!
August's Art Bead Scene Challenge theme is Midsummer Night's Dream. This month's prizes have been generously provided by Andrew Thornton, on behalf of his family's business, Green Girl Studios.

Green Girl pewter beads are amazing, tiny works of art, cast in fine lead-free pewter from the detailed original carvings of Cynthia Thornton. Themes of fantasy, fairyland, and a vast array of Flora and Fauna fill the vast Green Girl catalog of designs. We think these beads are the perfect prize for our Midsummer challenge, as most of them look as if they appeared form a magical fairy dream.

This set of prizes includes 12 wonderful fine pewter beads, charms and components *plus* one special cast sterling silver pansy charm with the word "magic" on the back. The pansy charm is a specially selected piece for this challenge, as Andrew told us that Cynthia was inspired specifically by a scene in Midsummer Night's Dream.

To win all "lucky 13" prizes above, design a Midsummer Night's Dream themed artwork using your favorite art beads and enter it in our Flickr group. For more details, read our Challenge post with all the details.

Art Bead Scene would like to graciously thank Andrew Thornton and Green Girl Studios for their generous prize this month!


Andrew Thornton said...

It was our pleasure! Hopefully it'll inspire some fierce competition, with lots of unique and beautiful submissions!

* Just as a side note, the pansy charm in the center of the lot that says, "magic" on the back is cast sterling silver.

Beverly Herman said...

I love Green Girl Studios. Those are great for the month's prizes!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

These are so gorgeous! love them! I think every one of the fantastic prize contributors, each month, deserves a prize for inspiring us to keep designing!


melanie brooks said...

Thanks Andrew, for the side note, I overlooked that...I am going to edit the prize post.

Andrew Thornton said...

I'm SO EXCITED! I can't wait to see what people make. I really hope that this encourages people to make, make, make! Giving their support to any and all Art Beads is an amazing contribution that I think should be highly rewarded!

P.S. Thanks Melanie for the update. I just want everyone to know exactly what they're going ot get. :-)

Unknown said...

Iwould be pure joy to win these beads!