Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fit to Print: Stringing, Making Jewelry Bead by Bead


Several people I know of are featured one way or another in the Fall issue of Stringing Magazine. I have been making clay beads for nearly ten years now, but really only stepped out into the big beading world within the last couple of years, most of my growth having come in the last 12 months. Maybe some day I'll look at a beading magazine and think "oh, ho hum, so I know of some of these people in this magazine, big whoop....." But for now it is still truly a BIG thing for me! Here is a quick run down of the names I recognized:

Margot Potter, who you have read about on Sundays with our weekly "As the Bead Turns" post, has her book "Sparkletastic" mentioned on the bead babble page.

Ornmentea, whose many customers read this blog has mention in several places, including metal leaf pendants in Leaves We Love, chains in Long and Luscious, felt rings in Bracelet # 30 and earring posts in Earrings# 34.

The great sibling duo of Cynthia and Andrew Thornton have many mentions including Cynthia's necklaces "Mermaid" and "Captive Heart". Remember, Green Girl Studios is the sponsor of our current monthly challenge.

Galena Beads "Serving Creativity" has items in Jeanne Holland's "Crimson Flame", beads and spacers in Bracelet # 23, and Earrings # 24. ( I just have to highlight beautiful Galena, IL - my husband's home town.)

Fellow Beads of Clay members:

Jangles owner Jennifer Hynen's necklace "Fleur Noire" demonstrates a nice blend of chain and seed beads.
Joan Miller's pumpkin beads are included in Earring Design # 9.
Clay River Designs, a fellow member has leaf pendants as part of the Leaves We Love spread, small cube beads in Earring Design # 6 and chiclets in Bracelet # 3.
Marsha Neal Studio's flower pendant is featured in "Amber Leaves and Flowers" by Susan Price Johnston.

Our own Melanie Brooks Lukacs totally rocked in this issue..... In all I counted "Earthenwood Studio" in print 10 times. Now that is some ambitious work - an inspiration to all of us plugging away at getting our name and "signature look" out there. So here is the count down:

#1 "Contributors" See a picture of Melanie and learn that she has been designing jewelry for more that ten years. No wonder she has so much to teach us all.

#2 "Speaking Bliss"
#3 "Terra Treasures"

#4 Earrings #9 designed by Dustin Wedekind

#5 Earrings #17 featuring this cute Birdie Pair:
#6 Earrings #23 with veined leaves and suede:
#7 Bracelet # 11 Terra Trinket bracelet:

#8 Bracelet # 14 shows off these accent beads in a lovey shade of blue:
# 9 Bracelet # 28 Left Flutter:# 10 Project Resource Guide (Ok, so I know this is sort of a stretch to include this, but I just couldn't resist ten as a nice round number to end on!)

To tell the truth, the other members of Art Bead Scene have been at this business of bead making longer and harder than me and if any of them had done this post, you'd only be about 1/2 done by now!

If you are a contributor in any way to the Fall Issue of Stringing and read this blog, leave a comment! Then next time I read a beading magazine I can add you to my list!

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melanie brooks said...

*blush* thanks Elaine, for posting about my projects. What can I say, Fall is my time of year...I always have a lot of designs suitable for Autumn, and I am honored that Stringing accepted so many of them!

Congrats to all the other contributors too!

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my sister and me. WE LOVE STRINGING! It was sad when Jamie left. But I am hopeful that Danielle and Melinda and the crew will do a wonderful job and carry Stringing into its new phase swimmingly.

I don't know if I'll get anything into the next issue or not since my projects have been a bit late, but hopefully I'll be able to squeeze a few in as I've made a great little bracelet with Elaine Ray beads, a "winter moon" bracelet with a couple of Earthenwood Studio pieces and lots more. We'll see.

Andrew Thornton said...

Oh, don't forget GREG ! Cynthia's husband, co-owner of Green Girl Studios and my brother-in-law made a really great piece using ceramic beads by Keith O'Conner and Joan Miller.

melanie brooks said...

Andrew, that's funny...I submitted some things for the next winter issue with my moons mixed with Green Girl moony beads too! How fun...I bet our designs are really different, even though we used similiar art beads...

Yes, Greg's piece was one of the most visible on the cover, wasn't it? I saw yours peeking out on the cover too...congrats!

Elaine Ray said...

Andrew - thanks for mentioning Greg, I love getting to know how people are connected. I had missed Joan's beads there, thanks for the heads up, gave me an excuse to take in all the phots in the magazine again!

I'm excited to see the bracelet you made using my beads! Thanks so much and good luck with your entries!

- Elaine

Andrew Thornton said...

Yep yep! I got them through one of my favorite bead stores, Ornamentea. I was going to do this other really funky bracelet with these tear drop pendants, but they were sold out. Alas.

The bead world is such a small place. Everyone knows everyone and there are separated by like one degree.