Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Add a Cool Shopping Widget to Your Blog

One of the things I like most about blog hopping is being able to click over to someones online shop or etsy store front. Easily. Right then. When I have $25 to $35 in my paypal that won't be missed when bill time comes around.
  I do not want to scroll up and down their blog, picking through awards, gadgets, followers, twitters that point me back to their blog, facebook updates that tell me what they are making for dinner;  hunting for the thing that grabbed my attention in their post that I could be buying RIGHT NOW.  I want it right there at the top.
  I know. I'm demanding. But more importantly I'm a buyer of handmade goods. You've got me. I'm here, interested in what you are doing. I know someone who would want that necklace. Or that pair of earrings would look fantastic with my sisters new shirt. My neighbor did something nice and I'd like to get her a gift certificate to your shop. Why can't I find it? Now!?! Never mind, I have to go get my kid out of the mud and I won't be back to the computer until after dinner. You've lost me.

Here are a couple of options that will allow you to capture your buyer with minimal effort and avoid losing them in the busyness that is your blog.

1.) Add an etsy mini to your blog side bar.
(these instructions are for pc users.)
First, log into your etsy and scroll down the left side until you see "PROMOTE" click on that. You are taken to a page that says Build your own etsy mini.
 You are given 3 choices; the first is items to show. Click "items from my shop". These items are your Featured items. You choose which items will show up in the top 3 photos of your shop and the items that are featured in your etsy mini by clicking on the gray star in the items title under Currently for sale . Arrange these featured items by clicking on Featured items and clicking the up and down arrows.
The second choice is choose an image size. This is up to you. I clicked both options to see which looked better on my blog and ultimately chose - Thumbnail.
 Your third choice is choose layout. You can add as many as 5 columns (down) and 5 rows (across) to your side bar. But the point is not to have your whole shop on your blog, rather a showcase of easily accessible work. Plus 5 by 5 doesn't fit on a lot of blog side bars.
 By now you have an etsy mini preview below your choices. Do you like it? If not, change a few of your choices, if you do like it, simply select all in the code box shown below the preview and right click copy. You are now ready to add this beautiful sampling of your finest goods to your personal blog.
 Do this by clicking Customize up at the top of your blog. Click on Add a gadget and scroll down the list until you see the option HTML/JavaScript - add third party functionality or other code to your blog. Click it!
 You are given a place to title your etsy mini, why not use your business name? Then you right click in the box and choose paste. The code will be entered into your box. Don't forget to save!

 2.) Add a cr8tivity slide widget to your blog.
Go to to http://cr8tivity.com/ . Type in your user name. Click the button that says Widget. Copy the code in the top or bottom box. See your little box on the side there? Isn't that pretty and eye catching?
 To add this nifty widget to your blog, repeat the same steps as with your etsy mini;       
Click Customize up at the top of your blog. Click on Add a gadget and scroll down the list until you see the option HTML/JavaScript - add third party functionality or other code to your blog. Click it! Fill in the info and paste your code into the box. Save it and arrange the new widget where it will be seen easily. Save your changes.

 Now view your blog and rejoice. You have just made it that much easier to fulfill a shop-a-holics need.

I'll check for questions in the comments so please ask if I can assist you. 
Much Love and respect,


Anonymous said...

Does this work for a wordpress blog and do you have to have a Etsy shop for these instructions to work?

TesoriTrovati said...

Dang. You are good. ;-)
I just opened an Etsy shop (but haven't yet found the time to even list one item. I know. Lame.)
But when I do - oh when I do! - watch out because I am totally going to widget up my blog.
Thanks for inspiring me today Shannon.
Enjoy the day!

pinky said...

http://www.etsy.com/shop/pinky98 This is my shop. Just in case you are in the mood to check it out. Love your blog by the way.

Beatnheart said...

thank you. I still am trying to do Etsy. Having trouble posting pictures, and doing a Banner and getting started with pay pal...I need help! Don’t know if I can use these tips as I have a Mac.

Jayne said...

love the blog!

Elizabeth said...

O M G!! I have been trying to do this for months. Thank you soooooooooooooo much. Your post was so helpful and easy. You should write for Etsy. I added my etsy mini right now! You Rock!!


Yolanda M. said...

Thank you for blogging this! I had an etsy mini but not a widget. Now I do!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Great tips Shannon! I am totally reminding myself....Less IS More! I will be back for those cr8tivity tips after a good night's sleep!

Artisan Beads Plus said...

Okay, if this comes up twice it's because I'm the impatient commenter.....I didn't see my first one, so I'm trying again. I think this is fabulous advice. I don't like to read blogs that are too hard to scroll through either. I'm always impressed with blogs that have a quality appearance because it makes me think that the items that they make will be quality too! I'll be back to use some of your tips when I'm not ready for bed...Like right now ;o) Good night!

elisabeth said...

Awesome tips - thanks!

Unknown said...

These instructions are for etsy members who have shops.

I am not familiar with wordpress. If wordpress users have a way to add third party functionality to their blog, then it would be a similar process.

Copy and past is our friend!

Heather said...

Shannon, I love your clear directions and appreciate you walking some of us "NEWBIES" through the cyber steps. It all gets a little overwhelming sometimes. Thank you, thank you!! And in response to BeatnHeart up above I do all this on my Mac and it works fine with eblogger. Only difference is use Command C to copy and Command V to paste.

Brandi Hussey said...

I, too, am demanding - once you've hooked me in, tell me where to buy!

Excellent post.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Heather, Thank you for weighing in on this for our mac users!