Thursday, May 20, 2010

Design Custom Earring Cards

You don't have to be a graphic designer or even hire one to create professional looking earring cards that you can easily customize with your own images!  The answer - Zazzle!

Here you'll find a great selection of earring cards created by designers and artists.  I created 3 different styles playing around with the idea and you can customize them with your own image, text and colors.

When you find a design you like, click on it. Under the product image will be a button that says "Customize It".  Click that button and you'll get to a page that looks like the one above. Where I've circled the area, you'll find the buttons to customize the design. To change the image, click "change image." You can make the image larger or smaller and move it around.* Do the same to change the text.  You can also change the text and background colors to match your brand.

*If there is a yellow caution sign on your image, the print quality is too low and you'll need to pick a bigger original image.

When you have the design you like, purchase and you are done.  Shipping starts at $4.00! 

You'll have to punch or drill the holes.  Check out Jen's quick tip for that!

It really is that easy. 

Find Earring Cards:

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byLGD Glass Jewelry said...

I've done this for years. Only I don't pay that much for them, mine are free. I use Vista Print, make my template in photo shop (which takes no time at all, you download the template from their website). I don't put the holes in like Zazzle does because sometimes earrings are longer and/or shorter so you want them to be centered with the card. I use a tiny hole punch and make them accordingly. It's simple.

I create mine to match my logo on my site OR i make them up for the season i'm in... i change them up a lot because i get bored and so do my customers. :) it's fun to change it up too.

Typically i spend about 8 dollars total (that's the shipping plus if i upload my own design, usually 2 dollars when they do their sale on uploads). It's totally cheap but the cards are lovely. :) like i said, i've been using them for about eight years.

Try them out before spending this much at Zazzle. You might even like the ones they have offered. Just take a business card style you like and edit it how you want easy. :)

You can also get their post cards for free... 100 of them at a time. match them with the earring cards and you're in business! :)

good luck!

pinky said...

Wow sounds like a good idea. I was in need of something like this. I have been making a lot of copper earrings for a farmer's market and craft show this summer. Thanks

Alice said...

This sounds simple enough that maybe even a technically challenged person like me could manage to create a great earring card!

Currently I print mine on business card stock and include the name and cost of the piece. But I like the idea of having to print each one.

Thanks for the great resource!

Azure Accessories said...

What great earring cards...will have to check out Zazzle!

Gardanne said...

Great resource, thanks.

Jeannie said...

I like to use my business cards or playing cards. Thanks for another resource.

Miss Val's Creations said...

I'll have to check this out! I have been making my own for years with heavy card stock on my computer so I can make matching hang tags as well. But this site may give me some more ideas!

TesoriTrovati said...

I will check that out!
I use VistaPrint as well. I made a template using the background from my business cards (but that will be changing) and use the postcard size. Then I cut them into 4 when I get them and punch the holes using a tiny hole punch from a scrapbook store. The best part is that when Vistaprint has 100 free postcards (you pay shipping) and you get 400 earring cards! Don't forget the rubber ear nuts to hold them on! There is nothing I hate more than to pay a decent amount for artisan made earrings without them and then lose one. It is a little bit of insurance that goes a long way!
Enjoy the day!

Unknown said...

Oh! Wonderful!! Thank yoy so much for sharing:)

Creative Arty Facts said...

Love all the hints and tips - off to check them all out now!

planettreasures said...

I'm excited!
I've been using lovely simple cards made by my neighbour who was a printer, he copper foiled just my business name on them and punched a hole.
However he sold the business a couple of years ago and I'm going to run out of cards soon.
Just regular size business cards wont do it for me, although I use vista for business cards and for swing tags.
so this zazzle is an amazing resource, I just need to find how much it costs to ship to Australia.

thanks so much.

Andrea Banks said...

What a fabulous idea! I use vistaprint too at the moment...I customise the postcard sized ones so I can cut it into two. I adapted the design so that one half has the logo at the top so can be for hanging or the other half at the bottom for browsing in a box or container. I just use a pokey tool to make the holes so that the earrings don't fall out as easily, which can happen if you punch a hole!

I love it that people develop these creative tools for us to use though. I used to spend ages making my own tags. Sometimes longer than making the actual piece of jewellery...madness!!! :o)