Thursday, May 13, 2010

Findings Worth Finding: Clasps

There seems to be a buzz with art bead clasps, so I thought I'd feature another round up of them here on the ABS.
I found Amanda Davie through that intrepid bead scout, Lorelei.  How does she discover such amazing finds?  And yeah that she shares them with us.  Here is a resin clasp with a crow.

Carrying on with the bird theme is this awesome pewter owl clasp from Green Girl Studios via the Beadlady on Etsy.  I love that branch toggle, wish I had a million of just those!

Melanie from Earthenwood Studio has been experimenting with new designs.  I'm smitten with the timber pendants.  I could see this as a clasp.  Just add one of these branch toggles from Nunn over at Bello Modo.

LeAnn at Summers Studio has created Victorian inspired key toggle bars - works for steampunk or more floral themed designs.

And now let's get into some clasps for seafaring jewelry designers.  Lynn Davis has this wonderfully rustic looking hook clasp, it has a nautical vibe don't you think?

And speaking of beachcombers, here is a starfish toggle pendant from Humblebeads, yes - that's me!   

And finally, maybe you are feeling a little DIY-ish today and want to customize your own clasp.  Miss Fickle Media is offering these new bezel clasps, fill them up with your favorite image and resin.  I've been eyeing them thinking some polymer clay belongs in there!


moonlitfantaseas said...

I really love your starfish toggle pendant, I did some ocean themed stuff a while back, I wish I had, had a few of those back then.......

TesoriTrovati said...

Thanks for sharing those! I have been looking for ways to get more of me into a design and I think that clasps are the place to start. Thanks for sharing Shannon's bezel clasps. That might be just what I am looking for (and I vote yes on clay in those too!) Enjoy the day!

Sue Seibert said...

Beautiful. I especially like the little owl!

Erika said...

I love them all!! I think the Crow is coolest if I had to pick though. How creative you everyone is!! I wish I wasn't on a darn budget :(