Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Winter Forest Bracelet

Almost all the leaves have fallen off the trees, which is always a little bittersweet.  But after the shock of losing all our beautiful fall color I start to appreciate the forest for the amazing patterns of interlocking tree branches spreading across the sky.  Each subtle color captures my attention when the landscape is a study in stark contrasts. This project is inspired by the beauty of those snow-covered winter forests. 

I paired up inexpensive wood beads from my local craft store with a cast of complimentary tree themed art beads and clasp.  While the wood beads were a bargain, they have a lush feel and an interesting shape to them that gives the bracelet lots of style. The design is dotted with tiny bronze glass seed beads.  Small pyrite beads add a little interest near the clasp and help transition into the thinner end of the bracelet.

Polymer clay Winter Branches House bead
Polymer clay Berry Wobble bead 
Pewter owl toggle clasp
12 wooden wobble 25 x 10mm beads 
2 pyrite 6mm round beads 
29 bronze glass seed beads 11/0
10 brass 7mm jump rings
2 brass 2x2mm crimp beads
10" beading wire 

Tools: Chain nose pliers, wire cutters, crimp pliers

1. String on a crimp bead and 3 seed beads. Thread the beading wire through the branch part of the toggle clasp and back through the seed beads and crimp bead.  Close the crimp bead with the crimping pliers. Trim the edge of the small wire and thread the end through the next bead.
2. String the beads in this order with a seed bead between each larger bead: 1 pyrite bead, 6 wood beads, 1 polymer clay wobble, 1 polymer clay house, 6 wood beads, 1 pyrite bead, 1 crimp bead and 1 seed bead.
3. Thread the wire through the owl part of the toggle clasp and back through the crimp bead, pyrite and seed bead. Close the crimp bead with the crimping pliers. Trim the wire.

4. Open a jump ring, string on a seed bead, thread the jump ring over the crimp bead and close. Repeat 4 times on this side. Repeat this step 5 times to cover the other crimp bead.  (I have to thank fellow ABS editor Erin Prais-Hintz for that awesome tip!)

Polymer clay beads: Humblebeads.  Clasp: Green Girl Studios. Pyrite beads: Rings & Things. Seed beads: Michaels. Wood beads and findings: Hobby Lobby.


Elizabeth Bergesen said...

Absolutely beautiful!

KayzKreationz said...

I love this. So pretty and woodsy feeling. Thanks for sharing the instructions.